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Choose a tile liner for your high-end pool.

The pool lining is not a choice to be taken lightly: it is what will give the water its colour and take part in the success of your pool. Opting for tiles or stone as a pool liner offers a variety of renderings that are just as exceptional as the mosaic pool liner. You will be able to match colours, materials, reliefs and tile sizes to create a unique aesthetic.

Pool tiles undoubtedly offer some very advantageous properties. The possibilities of colours and textures are endless to suit any garden, outdoor environment and home style. Looking for a modern luxury pool? Tiling allows for all the design options.

Maintenance of tiling is also as simple as any other pool liner. You will need to check the joints of your tiles from time to time to ensure the pool is watertight, that your liner holds up well over time and avoid possible water leaks. Although pool tiles are very resistant to chemicals and the natural corrosion of a pool, maintenance is nevertheless essential to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish and an optimised lifespan for your pool liner.

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What type of tiling to choose for your pool?

Before installing a swimming pool tile, it is important to choose the material that will cover the entire pool.

What to choose between concrete tiles, stone tiles or even porcelain stoneware tiles for the pool lining: the answer will obviously depend on you and your desires. Each type of tile has its advantages and disadvantages, whether in terms of its appearance or the maintenance that will be required. It is therefore important to inform yourself beforehand in order to choose your pool tiles properly before the covering is laid.

To help you see more clearly, discover three types of high-quality pool tiles.

Concrete tiles

Very common in private swimming pools as well as in luxury condominiums or even buildings with a private pool, concrete tiles are the simplest of the coverings available on the market. Concrete tiles offer a trendy chic look and allow you to create a raw effect on the lining which is highly sought after for modern and contemporary pools in particular.

Pretty cheap and really solid, this type of tiling is equally suitable for use in the creation or renovation of a pool as it is for the creation of pool surrounds (pool coping and decking).

The properties of concrete tiles ensure unrivalled resistance to impact and contact with chemicals.

The high strength of concrete tiles is moreover a real asset for being able to use them in high traffic areas. These tiles are therefore perfectly suited to the linings and surrounds of swimming pools that welcome the public. Available in several formats and colours, concrete tiles offer total customisation of your pool for a rendering that is as aesthetic as it is resistant.


Stone tiling

Stone is a pool liner that is part of the same family as tiles and mosaics.

Much rarer than concrete tiled pools, stone is a very expensive material that is aimed at certain very high-end pool projects. Offering an exceptional rendering that blends elegance and naturalness, stone tiles are an ideal liner for owners of luxury pools. However, despite its natural beauty, stone cladding is not a very malleable cladding: the shape of the pool to be clad should be rather geometric in a square or rectangular shape to ensure an optimal installation.

You can choose a natural or reconstituted stone covering.

Depending on the option you choose to create your pool or renovate your pool, several types of stone are available on the market. Among them, you can choose between quartz, lava and granite, for example. To harmonise the colours and materials in your pool and its stone surrounds, we advise against using several types of stone on the same pool.

Favour the same tiling for the pool, the coping stones and the pool deck in order to homogenise your entire swimming area.

Glazed stoneware pool tiles

Glazed stoneware is a covering that offers many possibilities for decorating a swimming pool.

Highly resistant to exposure to water and chemicals, porcelain stoneware is composed of a mixture of silica and pressed clay. This range of pool tiles is therefore particularly suitable for installation in an outdoor environment.

Opt for a personalized style with porcelain stoneware: with this covering material, you can let your imagination run wild to beautify your pool.

Naturally strong and robust, porcelain stoneware tiles are both:

  • Hygienic for easy maintenance without creating a bacterial zone in the water
  • Nonslip with textures that provide more safety
  • Ecological thanks to its natural manufacturing process

Hence, porcelain stoneware has all the advantages for your pool. Porcelain stoneware is therefore an ideal covering for your pool, your pool deck or even the coping of the swimming area. This stone offers a wide choice of shapes and designs to decorate the pool area. It is up to you to personalise your pool as you wish by being accompanied by a recognised pool specialist.


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Creating a natural stone pool deck: what options are available?

To fully enjoy your pool, both on its practical and aesthetic aspects, there is nothing like a beautiful pool deck.

For a natural and modern style at the water's edge, stone is a leading element to favour. Stone tiles and cladding can be used to create the beach of your pool or the coping around the pool. But you still need to know which stone to choose to create your pool area! Faced with the multitude of coverings available, there are now different natural stone and reconstituted stone swimming pool coverings to meet a maximum number of demands.

Reconstituted stone

Alternative to natural stone, reconstituted stone is, as the name suggests, an amalgam of crushed stone that is then mixed with binding materials.

This manufacturing process creates special shapes and shades that recreate the original look of natural stone. This modern and design material therefore offers an absolutely stunning rendering especially for making unique pool edges! This is one of the reasons why reconstituted stone is often used to design pool decks and pool coping.

Economical, durable, non-slip and resistant, reconstituted stone is an ideal covering for the area of an indoor or outdoor pool. Its strength and adaptability is highly valued by pool owners looking for a material that is both beautiful and durable.

Bonus: you can choose your covering from the vast choice of colours and materials. Imitation old paving, wood effect paving, natural paving, modern style pool decking, make the choice of a tailor-made coating for your pool.

Natural stone

Natural stone is a top-of-the-range covering for making a paving and coping for a luxury swimming pool.

This noble and durable material naturally adds character to your home and beautifies any exterior. Available in pavers or large slabs depending on your aesthetic desires and the surface to be covered, the installation of a natural stone covering must absolutely be done by a professional. And for good reason: natural stone is an element that is not malleable and requires professional knowledge to operate an optimal installation around the pool.

Provided with irregularities and natural roughness, stones give a unique rendering to all spaces where they are laid.

It is moreover important to provide for the placement of a solid and stabilised concrete screed in order to ensure that the natural stone tiles hold up perfectly over time. This swimming pool decking allows you to create a luxurious and cosy environment that will patina itself over time.

Good to know:

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