Pool mosaic coating

Mosaic is an exceptional coating for creating a unique pool.

Alternative to polyester lining, mosaic offers both aesthetic appeal and a high-end finish for all pools. These small tiles bonded to the pool walls can form a pattern or be plain depending on the owners choice. In the pool world, mosaic lining is a must-have. Resistant and unique, it is widely used for luxury pools in hotels, master villas, large estates or even luxury condominiums.

Restricted to professional installation, mosaic lining is increasingly appealing to owners looking for a high-quality customised pool lining.

If this type of pool lining appeals to you, entrust your need to the MC Piscine specialists. Experts in the renovation of waterproof mosaic linings in the Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco, our professional teams put all their know-how at your disposal.

We offer you tailor-made solutionswithin a ten-year guarantee to renovate the inside of your private or collective swimming pool.

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Why choose mosaic for your pool lining?

Mosaic lining is widely used for private and communal pools.

And for good reason: it is a durable, aesthetic material that is perfectly suited to both outdoor and indoor environments. Mosaic has many advantages that motivate owners to choose this pool lining option. Whether it's aesthetics, reliability and durability, mosaic pool tiles are a high-end must-have.

A true high-end coating, mosaic tiles allow you to enjoy many benefits.

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A variety of colours leaving room for your imagination

When you choose the mosaic for your pool, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of colours. MC Piscine works in close collaboration with numerous manufacturing partners to offer its customers a range of more than 200 colour references. With this plurality of pool tile colours, you can bring to life the custom-made pool of your wishes.

Many samples are available: ask our team for a presentation of our mosaic options.

Textures and lining options to create a unique pool

Mosaic is a liner that can be customised on colour but also on texture. It's up to you to choose whether you want a rough (non-slip) or smooth liner. In the same way, choose whether you prefer a solid colour or a pool liner composed of several colours matched in pattern. With mosaic, you have the cards in your hand to make your pool a unique swimming area!

An exceptional aesthetic rendering luxury pool effect

With limitless customisation, mosaic is likely to be the most widely used coating for luxury pool design and renovation. This material can meet any demand for pool decorations: it is even possible to reproduce a custom-made decoration in the bottom of your pool to personalise it 100%. A simple photo will then serve as a model to make the plans of the future mosaic to be created.

A durable, chemical resistant solution

Mosaic is an extremely durable material. The quality and manufacturing components of mosaic tiles are designed to withstand constant exposure to the chemicals used in the maintenance, pool maintenance and recurrent cleaning of pools. There is therefore no risk of the material degrading over the years. Only the joints may subsequently require further renovation after several years as explained below.


Pool mosaic installation and renovation: what you need to know about waterproofing

Are you about to renovate your pool? Are you finishing the structural work and moving on to the lining stage of your pool? In both cases, certain conditions must be met for a successful pool construction or renovation project.

It makes perfect sense to want to resume or create the mosaic lining on the concrete surface of the pool. That said, in order for the two surfaces to be compatible and to avoid any problems with leaks for example, it is essential to use coatings and adhesives designed for exposure to water.

Mosaic is not a waterproof surface by nature!

To renovate the mosaic lining of your pool, it is therefore essential to use special bonding mortars designed for this purpose. In the same way, the installation of mosaic in a pool must be done with care to ensure the durability of the chosen coating.

MC Piscines will take care of waterproofing your pool in addition to offering you high-quality installation solutions.

The finish, the corners, the joints are the details that must be impeccable for your pool to be perfect. For more information on the feasibility of your project, MC Piscine is at your disposal to renovate your private or collective pool in Cap d'Ail, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Eze or Monaco.

What you need to know :

The Alpes-Maritimes is geographically on an earthquake zone.

Very regularly the land undergoes movements (which can be felt or not) causing considerable damage to swimming pools. This is why MC Piscines offers solutions to make the lining more "elastic" in order to limit the risk of cracks.

Why and when to renovate the mosaic joints in your pool

It happens that after a certain number of years, usually every 7 to 10 years, the tiles in your pool can become unstuck. This is most likely due to wear and tear on the joints of the liner. Rest assured, this phenomenon is completely normal.

Over the years, the joints are gradually eaten away by the water. The maintenance products cause normal wear and tear on your seals until they disappear (or almost disappear). Once the grout is completely eaten away, the water then seeps behind the tiles and naturally pushes them back into the water with the pressure applied.

When this happens, we advise you to renovate your pool as quickly as possible and definitely not wait for the problem to get worse.

MC Piscine offers the renovation of your pool joints and re-tiling of the tiles on the affected areas. For more information, we remain at your entire disposal and we adapt our intervention to your needs.

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What are the differences between "glass paste" and "glass enamels"?

Mosaic cladding is a fairly broad term bringing together both enamels and glass paste.

In both cases, the benefits of this type of cladding remain the same. Whether it is glass paste or glass enamel mosaic, both pool linings are equally aesthetic. Their differences are often in the ease of installation and renovation of each material.

Paste glass pool mosaic

This is the most commonly used mosaic in swimming pools: it's the one we all know and have all seen at least once in a pool. Available in size 2cm by 2cm but also available in 1cm by 1cM size (less common), glass paste mosaic tiles are a little easier to lay. The square format makes it easier to lay on the corners of the pool.

With a crisp edge and dyed in the mass, glass paste tiles come in many colours and different patterns. The textures are also all diverse to create the desired high-end look.


Glass enamel pool mosaic

More rare, glass glazes are also used in high end pools. This type of tile is available in sizes of 2cm by 2cm, 3.6cm by 3.6cm or even 5cm by 5cm depending on design desires. Glass enamels have much smoother edges, which is great when the pool joints are bound to get damaged over time.

In the same way as glass paste, enamels also come in a variety of colours and textures to create a bespoke pool liner for your luxury pool.

How to determine the colour of the water in the pool?

When you opt for a mosaic lining in your pool, the most common question that arises is: what colour will the swimming water be? Therefore, this criterion must be taken into account in the process of choosing the colour of the mosaic.

It should be noted that the colour of your water will not only depend on the colour of the mosaic chosen. The depth of your pool, light exposure of the pool and environment (indoor or outdoor pool) are equally important.

The deeper the pool bottom, the darker the pool water will become. These colour shades will systematically come from light and sunlight. The reflections on the water will come from the surroundings of the pool: the vegetation will give some shades of green and dark on the water surface for example. Conversely, if you have a "clear" pool deck, the water will automatically appear clearer and more limpid.

With this in mind, it is important to choose the mosaic liner most suited to the colour of the water you expect in your pool. Lagoon blue, turquoise, indigo, navy, choose your preferred swimming water colour.

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