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Pool maintenance is an intervention that is all the more important for pools that welcome the public.

And for good reason: bathers need to be safe to fully enjoy their relaxing moment. Clean, disinfected and healthy water is therefore essential to ensure that everything complies with the expectations of the public and the reception standards for public pools. Whether in a professional establishment, for a community or for a condominium pool, regular maintenance must be the top priority.

MC Piscine provides maintenance for collective, public, municipal and condominium pools through annual contracts.

To best meet the expectations of the most demanding pool owners, we set up precise and professional interventions throughout the year. Our qualified maintenance agents and experts in water chemistry offer a high quality and high standard service to ensure the cleanliness of all entrusted pools.

The frequency of maintenance visits is adapted according to the needs and technical requirements related to each pool and installation. Our objective: to ensure that you benefit from an optimised quality of service.

We analyse your request in order to offer you a service that matches you.

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Water treatment: maintenance contract for collective pools

To ensure that swimming remains an enjoyable time for all, pool maintenance is essential and must be approached with rigour.

Well-treated pool water must be properly disinfected and balanced at all times in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. The treatment of pool water therefore involves the use of disinfectant products that are suitable for the pool to be maintained.

In this context, the maintenance and disinfection products must be adjusted according to several parameters such as the volume of the pool, the water temperature or even the frequency of use of the pool.

With the help of a maintenance professional, the bathing water of all communal pools will remain optimally clean over the course of days with the help of special, adapted products.

On another level, pool maintenance involves the equipment and especially the filters.

The role of filtration represents 50 to 60% of the quality of your water. This system is therefore essential to the maintenance process and requires routine checks to ensure that the water is properly treated.

To save you the trouble of managing and/or taking the risk of handling the maintenance products needed to keep your water clean, it is important to call on specialists who are able to ensure the regular maintenance of your pool.

Annual maintenance contracts are available from pool specialists to assist professionals, communities and co-ownerships with pool maintenance and cleaning.

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We provide a maintenance agent responsible for ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of your pool all year round. All the means are implemented so that the water of the swimming pool respects the standards of hygiene checked by the Regional Agency of Health (A.R.S).

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What actions are included for the maintenance of collective swimming pools?

Maintenance of collective swimming pools meets very specific criteria and a rigour that must be respected at all times.

It is not just a matter of pouring products and doing some checks on the equipment to keep the pool clean and pleasant. The maintenance intervention generally includes several complementary actions that together ensure the cleanliness of the water and more broadly that of the pool.

As part of our annual maintenance contracts, MC Piscine checks and performs several interventions.


General analysis

Firstly, during our intervention, we observe the pool in an overall way. This means that we look at the condition of the water and note potential tell-tale signs of other advanced problems (marks on the mosaic lining, polyester or tiles, visible limescale build-up. ..). We make this general inventory of the lining and water in the pool so that we can then adapt the professional maintenance intervention appropriately.

Checking the equipment

The pool equipment is installed in the technical room and is sometimes forgotten during maintenance. As part of our maintenance contracts, we check all the electronic and mechanical elements of your installation (filtration pump, dosing pump, electrolyser, filter, heat pump...). Nothing is left to chance to ensure that all equipment is in optimal working order so that the pool water is properly filtered for example.

Complete manual cleaning

The cleaning of the pool is a key point for the water to be healthy and pleasant. That's why our pool experts clean the entire pool for you. Like a pool robot, we brush the walls and the water line to loosen any dirt deposited on the liner walls. We also perform a sweeping to the drain to permanently remove deposits and debris from the water and the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning the supports

The supports retain dirt over the course of the pool cycles. This dirt must be manually removed to keep the systems looking like new. To clean the pool completely without leaving anything out, we empty and dispose of the accumulated waste in the skimmer baskets, the pump prefilter and the spout net for overflow pools. This action of cleaning the supports is essential to keep the pool clean in every way.

Control of maintenance products

Products are unavoidable to ensure healthy water on a long-term basis. However, it is important to control the water parameters and the dosage of injected products to avoid excesses as well as lack of treatments. Depending on the needs of the pool, we therefore carry out and readjust the quantities of products required in order to maintain a balance that is essential to the health aspect of the water. This control of the products is the key to clean water that meets the standards.

Setting the filtration timer

The filtration cycles trigger themselves to keep the pool running and the water filtered daily several times. To ensure that your communal pool filtration is effective, it is therefore necessary to carry out programming of the system beforehand. The MC Piscine maintenance agent will set the filtration time using the clock provided on the system and will choose the water filtration periods according to the needs of the pool.

Record of visits and maintenance log

A collective swimming pool has precise needs that must absolutely be controlled and for which it must be possible to justify at all times. And for good reason: welcoming the public, all actions must be clearly identifiable to avoid any problems. To do this, the maintenance worker responsible for the annual maintenance of each pool fills in a maintenance logbook as he visits, which you can consult at your leisure to obtain traceability and a history of the interventions.


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Community pool start-up & winterization services

Starting up a communal pool or winterising a pool requires a special intervention. Every season, you have to think about carrying out these actions so that the pool can be used in the best possible way. However, winterizing and starting up a pool is often a tedious task, especially for the uninitiated. For the needs related to the start-up or winterization of the pool, MC Piscine therefore offers adapted packages.

For the restarting of the pool

MC Piscine provides a pool commissioning package including: the setting of your filtration and water treatment system, a start-up of the automatic water treatment devices and verification of their proper functioning, a photometric analysis of the water quality with the addition of products if necessary and finally the complete cleaning of the pool with a broom passage in the bottom of the pool.

For the wintering of the pool

After the summer period, MC Piscine takes care of putting your pool into winter storage in order to ensure its functioning when it is put back into use the following year.

We provide an overall check of the condition of the pool and the lining, we shut down your equipment that will not be used during the winter in order to protect it, set up the filtration, add the wintering products and put the cover in place to protect the whole.

Maintenance of collective pool equipment

We provide maintenance for your equipment

Because the maintenance of the pool necessarily involves the maintenance of its equipment, MC Piscine offers youmaintenance and repair or replacement of your equipment in case of breakdown: heat pump, electric shutter, automatic treatment device, filtration pump, filter...

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