Pool maintenance for individuals

Enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Your indoor or outdoor pool should be a place of serenity, conviviality and pleasure. The maintenance of the pool is the key point that allows you to fully enjoy your swimming area in all seasons. As a private individual, it is often complicated to find the time and resources to carry out a complete and efficient pool maintenance.

Yet, as the seasons pass, your pool gets dirty with surrounding waste and bacteria naturally grow in the water if proper treatment is not in place.

MC Piscine therefore offers you personalised support for the upkeep of your pool and the maintenance of your equipment.

Pool maintenance contract

Through an annual or seasonal contract, we adapt our professional service to allow you to enjoy your private pool 100% whenever you want. We offer our clients in the Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco a personalized maintenance service to best meet all expectations.

Pool experts, our maintenance agents offer you a quality service and a high standard maintenance for your swimming area.

We work on all types of in-ground and semi-in-ground swimming pools outdoors, indoors and on roof terraces.

The frequency of maintenance visits is adapted to your needs. In order to provide pool owners with optimised services, we attach importance to the customisation of each intervention according to the technical needs related to the pool and the installations as a whole.

Freedom from the overall maintenance of your pool by calling on a professional pool company.

Discover our maintenance services with or without the supply of products and materials.


Water treatment: what maintenance for private pools?

A beautiful swimming pool is a major asset for a villa or house.

It is a place of relaxation favoured by all once the summer comes and it is therefore necessary to ensure that all the parameters are in perfect condition so that the use of the pool is optimal. For swimming to be a moment of complete relaxation, pool maintenance is essential.

Thanks to a complete cleaning and maintenance of the water, bathers will be able to fully enjoy the pool without risking irritations or other health problems linked to a lack of hygiene.

The bathing water must, moreover, receive suitable and rigorous treatment to avoid any problems. It must be correctly disinfected and balanced over the course of days and seasons in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that can cause various problems for bathers.

The treatment of swimming pool water involves, among other things, the use of special disinfectant products adapted to the pool. These products must then be adjusted according to the volume of the pool, the temperature of the water and the frequency of use of the pool.

Maintenance and treatment products are important to achieve optimal water chemistry.

As a private individual, it unfortunately often happens that we make a mistake on the dosage or addition of chemical to the water. With the multitude of products on the shelves in pool shops, it is even difficult to know which product to turn to based on your needs. This is why many pool owners are now turning to personalised maintenance contracts for their pools.

To save yourself the hassle of managing or taking the risk of handling maintenance products, delegate the maintenance of your pool to professionals.

The MC Piscine team intervenes on all pools from Nice to Menton (06) and up to Monaco for maintenance services. A company recognised by professionals for the maintenance of collective pools on the French Riviera, we transpose our service for private individuals to ensure the maintenance of all pools in the best possible way.

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A complete formula for private pool maintenance

Discover the complete formula for your pool maintenance.

Because a swimming pool requires constant and regular attention, it's important to opt for the service contract most suited to your needs. The full service package for individuals is ideal for getting a clean and fully managed pool.

With this annual maintenance contract, we provide a maintenance worker to maintain and service your pool all year round.

Our operatives have all the necessary cleaning equipment to carry out the entire pool cleaning.

We deliver the necessary cleaning products and maintain your equipment regardless of the configuration.

Scheduled checks and interventions

To ensure optimal maintenance of your pool, several points must be observed and managed. From filtration to the cleaning of the liner walls, nothing should be left to chance so that the pool remains in good condition whatever the hazards encountered. By opting for the MC Piscine complete maintenance package, take advantage of a 360° service for your private pool.


Observation & General Pool Analysis

Like an intervention , the first step to successful maintenance is a general analysis of the pool. When we arrive at the water's edge, the professional agent observes the pool in a global way. He looks at the condition of the water and notes any signs of advanced problems at different levels. Traces on the lining, the appearance of limescale, water leakage: the aim here is to look at the general condition of the pool lining and the water in the pool in order to adapt the forthcoming intervention to the best advantage.

Checks on appliances in the room

Many devices are responsible for the proper functioning of your pool and therefore guarantee part of its maintenance. During our maintenance intervention on your pool we go to the pool's technical room to check the key devices of your pool. With our specialised eye, we check all the electronic and mechanical elements of your installation. Filtration pump, dosing pump, electrolyser, filter, heat pump...: we review all the equipment in your pool.

Complete manual pool cleaning

In the complete pool maintenance package, cleaning is of primary importance. And for good reason: the cleanliness of the pool is the guarantee of a pleasant pool and above all a pool that remains in good condition for as long as possible despite the years. To do this, we clean the pool in its entirety: we operate the brushing of the walls and the water line on which impurities often settle. We also carry out a sweep to the drain to permanently remove deposits and debris from the water and the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning of waste from supports

The waste that falls into the pool is partly collected by the elements that ensure the proper functioning of the pool. If this part is often forgotten during maintenance actions, it is nevertheless an essential point to keep the pool clean. The supports are therefore emptied by the maintenance worker. Whether it is in the skimmer baskets, the pump prefilter or even the spout net for overflow pools, the accumulated waste is extracted and then discarded so that the supports are put back in place as new.

Adjunction of water treatment products

Pool water treatment is the essential element to ensure that swimming water chemistry is healthy and safe for bathers. Chlorine, bromine or salt, you must always know how to dose the products injected into the water according to the needs of the pool so as not to cause any imbalance in the pool. Unbalanced water can cause irritation and other physical reactions during bathing. During our intervention, we attach importance to observation and readjust if necessary the quantities of products in order to maintain an essential balance in the bathing water.

Scheduling for pool filtration

The role of filtration accounts for 50-60% of your water quality. It is therefore essential to the routine maintenance process that must be carried out on your pool. In order for the filtration to be effective, it is therefore necessary to establish filtration cycles throughout the day and according to the periods to prevent the water from being stagnant. The maintenance worker dispatched as part of your maintenance contract will set the filtration time using the timer provided to determine the filtration cycles for your pool.

Keeping a maintenance log

To be able to follow the evolution of your pond and the service, it is important to be able to trace precisely all the interventions made on your private infrastructure. In the interests of transparency and follow-up, we set up a report in the form of a personal maintenance log. The MC Piscine maintenance agent fills in a maintenance logbook as he goes along, which you can consult at any time. The latter allows you to obtain a traceability and a history of the interventions.


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A simple formula for routine pool maintenance

Some owners of a private pool in a villa, farmhouse or house may not need the cleaning option.

MC Piscine has therefore developed a simplified maintenance package capable of maintaining the pool by removing some of the points regarding cleaning. This simple maintenance formula therefore includes all the points present in the complete formula with the exception of the manual cleaning of the pool (Bali passage).

This formula is intended in particular for pools whose owners are equipped with a cleaning robot responsible for vacuuming the bottom and walls of the pool of the electric or hydraulic robot type.

In this case, the robots take care of the cleaning part and we therefore operate all other indispensable human interventions.

We can agree a schedule of conditions regarding the days and times of passage so as not to disturb you at your home.

Pool start-up and pool winterization packages for individuals

The arrival of summer or the onset of winter are key times for your pool.

And for good reason: these two changes of season involve actions to be taken on your pool! Whether it's starting up or winterising the pool, both interventions must be respected. These two steps are very important and are not to be taken lightly since the good behaviour of your liner over time is at stake (mosaic, polyester or carrelage) but also the quality of your water once the swimming season arrives.

To meet the needs of individuals related to the start-up or winterization of the pool, MC Piscine offers special packages adapted to all requests.

Our objective is simple: to spare you these repetitive, restrictive but nevertheless essential actions and save you time.

Pool commissioning

Before the summer, plan to opt for a pool commissioning package. After being out of use for several months, the pool needs to be put back into operation to get back into the summer swimming rhythm. This transition from one season to the next takes place via several actions.

This formula, which is annexed to the annual maintenance contracts, includes several interventions such as:

  • A start-up of the automatic water treatment devices
  • .
  • The setting of your filtration system
  • The setting of the water treatment system
  • The verification of the correct operation of the equipment
  • A photometric analysis of the water quality
  • The addition of products if required
  • The complete cleaning of the pool with broom passage in the bottom of the pool

Following this complete intervention, the pool is ready to be used again by bathers with complete peace of mind.

For pool winterization

When summer comes to an end, it's time to think about winterizing your outdoor pool.

This means that the pool is put in a "pause" condition until the nice swimming season returns.

As with restarting, wintering a pool requires precise interventions to ensure optimal operation when it is restarted the following year.

This wintering formula includes several actions to be performed:

  • Overall check of the condition of the pool and liner
  • .
  • Shutting down appliances that will not be used during the winter
  • Protection of unused appliances during winter
  • Setting up the filtration system
  • Adjunction of winterizing products
  • Setting up the cover to protect the entire pool

Maintenance of swimming pool equipment for individuals

MC Piscine takes care of the maintenance of your equipment

The maintenance of your swimming pool necessarily involves the maintenance of your equipment. MC Piscine therefore also offers you a maintenance/repair service or the replacement of your equipment in case of breakdown or malfunction. Heat pump, electric shutter, automatic treatment device, filtration pump, filter... we intervene on pool equipment whatever the problem encountered.

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