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If the water level in your pool drops for no reason, your pool may have a leak.

Leaks in in-ground pools are common on the French Riviera whether in the Principality of Monaco or in the Alpes-Maritimes department. A seismic zone, ground movements are recurrent in this location. They can generate micro-cracks in the pools and/or impact the underground hydraulics around the pool at the level of the pipes, the PVC connection...

When a leak problem is detected, it is important to act quickly. To ensure the longevity of your pool, it is essential to call in a specialist who can carry out a full leak search.

Pool waterproofing professional, MC Piscine in Monaco is expert in non-destructive pool leak detection. We have a long experience in this field and we know the failing elements in case of a leak in a pool.

After our search, we will, if necessary, provide you with a detailed expert report including the general condition and the problems encountered. Depending on the type of leak and the urgency, we will be able to offer you tailor-made repair solutions planned in the shortest possible time. The expert report will be an official document that can be communicated to your insurance company or to your pool builder.

MC Piscines is doing everything possible to find the leak without emptying the pool.


Leak detection for private, public, collective, professional & syndicate pools

All swimming pools can fall victim to leaks over time and seismic hazards.

When the swimming water level drops continuously despite frequent filling of the pool, this implies that a leak is affecting the essential watertightness of the pool. It is then necessary to identify the origin of the problem in order to fix it as quickly as possible so that bathers can once again fully enjoy the pool area. In the medium / long term, a leak will cause problems on the structure of the pool and its surroundings.

It is therefore necessary to intervene quickly to identify the source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible. Whether you are a private pool owner, collective or public pool owner, don't wait for your pool's problems to get worse and call in a specialist to look for leaks on your pool.

How to identify a pool leak and natural water evaporation

All swimming pools are faced with water evaporation mainly caused by prolonged exposure of the pool to the sun. This mainly affects pools installed outdoors in a sunny area but can also affect indoor pools exposed to the heat of the outdoors. This natural phenomenon of evaporation is quite normal especially in the south of France near Nice, Cannes and Monaco where the sun is generous for most of the year.

In fact, it is recommended to cover your pool to limit evaporation as much as possible during periods when the pool is not in use.

Water loss can also be due to bather traffic and the filter washes you have to do regularly.

However, if you lose several centimetres of bathing water every day or week, the problem may be more significant. In this case, it is likely that your pool is experiencing leakage in the structure, lining or ancillary equipment.

The leak must then be identified precisely in order to determine whether it is a structural problem originating from your pool's own structure or a hydraulic problem originating from the hydraulic circuit or even the technical room of your installation.

Where can a pool leak come from?

A pool leak can come from a number of different places in the pool :

  • The water filtration system
  • The parts to be sealed such as the skimmer, the discharge nozzles, the brush socket, the floodlights...
  • The liner, mosaic or concrete structure
  • The hydraulic circuit via the pipes
  • The technical room and the pool management systems such as the pump for example

Everything must be observed scrupulously in order to find the origin of the leak and to be able to intervene either on the renovation of the lining, or by changing the appropriate parts or even by quickly replacing the faulty equipment. Only a professional can help you to clearly identify where the leak is coming from and give you the right solutions to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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How to perform a pool leak search

Looking for a pool leak requires some knowledge of pools for the intervention to be effective. However, you can try to find the origin of the leak before the intervention of a technician to save time on the operation and repair.

Before any operation, you can start to explore some leads to help identify the faulty element involved on the pool.

1. Visually check the area around the pool

A simple visual check around the pool can sometimes identify an abnormally wet area during the summer months. This can lead naturally to the source of the nearby leak and give valuable information to the professional about to intervene.

2. Observe a possible landslide or subsidence

Watch for land subsidence. After bad weather or even a slight seismic shock the ground may have slipped or subsided causing problems for your in-ground pond. The geographical area of the Alpes-Maritimes and more widely of the French Riviera is particularly prone to this natural geological phenomenon.

3. Identify if the pool is leaking during the filtration cycle

If your pool leaks more when the filtration is running this gives a clue to the problem probably causing the pool to leak. By identifying if the pool is leaking especially when the swimming water is being filtered, it allows the filtration components to be isolated for further investigation on this lead.

4. Test the pool when it is not in use to see the effects of the leak

Test turning the pool off completely. If you find that it is emptying completely or partially, the leak is probably coming from the structure and/or the lining in which case renovation of these parts should be considered.


Is the water level in your private or community pool dropping inexorably? Don't wait until it's too late to fix the problem. Expert in high-end and luxury pools on the French Riviera, MC Piscine is involved in the search for water leaks in pools in the Alpes Maritimes department from Nice to Menton as well as in the whole of the Principality of Monaco.

During our intervention, we implement all leak detection procedures to determine the network and the leak point in the pool.

Our pool experts will make a general observation of the pool lining, seals and floodlight glands to ensure the overall tightness of the pool.

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What equipment to use to detect a pool leak?

Looking for a pool leak certainly requires good observation but also the implementation of precise tests. In order not to miss any aggravating or related factor to the main leak or simply to find the origin of the leak and its possible consequences on other parameters, it is essential to use adapted equipment.

Our technicians therefore initiate the search using professional tools reserved for this purpose. During the MC Piscine intervention, complete tests will be conducted from your technical room to your pool via state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to identifying this type of problem.

Pressurisation of pipes

The technique of pressurising swimming pool pipes allows detecting a leak in the pipe system.

By injecting air or water under pressure into the pool pipes, the professional checks the pressure to identify a possible water leak. This intervention is only carried out by professionals specialised in leak detection as it requires precise knowledge of the installation to be effective and optimal.

Pressurising pool pipes avoids destroying the pool environment and allows for a non-destructive leak detection. A simple punctured pipe can then be easily identified and then repaired using this specific search.

Endoscopic camera

This research principle is based on a long-range exploration and visualisation device.

Highly efficient, the endoscopic camera is flexible and hermetically sealed which allows it to be inserted into all difficult accesses regardless of their size, location or configuration. Handy and illuminated via an LED light source, the endoscopic video camera allows clear visualization of the interior of pool circuits through a viewing screen.

Thanks to a locator and counter, the pool expert knows exactly where the camera is and how far it has been scanned. Photos and videos can be captured and stored during this special leak detection intervention.

Infrared thermal camera

To perform a non-destructive leak search, the infrared thermal camera also known as infrared leak detector or infrared pool thermography is ideal.

This tool consists of an infrared camera that measures temperature variations at the pool equipment.

Allowing you to visualise, locate and diagnose precisely the origin of a water leak in a hard-to-reach or recessed area, the thermal camera captures the possible leak thanks to the temperature variations. It is by observing the temperature differences that the technician in charge of detecting the leak can identify its origin.

Effective in detecting pool waterproofing problems, the thermal camera can be inserted in places that are difficult to access to limit the work involved in future repairs as much as possible.

Aqua phone ultrasonic

The aqua phone provides acoustic exploration for leak detection.

With an amplifier and a filter, the aqua phone allows the pool technician to identify the noise of the leak among the possible frequencies depending on the pipe material and the fluid searched. Equipped with the aqua phone, he walks along the pool's pipes to listen to the noises and identify a sound that could lead to the origin of the leak he is looking for.

As the auditory exploration progresses, the amplitude of the leak noise increases which allows the location of the leak to be identified more and more precisely.

When the identified noise is at its maximum at a specific location in the inspected pipe, it means that the leak is here and the appropriate repair can be initiated.

Fluorite test or dye test

Fluorite (or fluorescein) is a dye product known as a fluid marker.

It is a tracer product that can be used to colour the water in a pool in order to detect leaks and other problematic infiltrations in pools of all sizes.

For this test to be effective, the product dosage must be meticulous. Only a professional will know exactly how to handle this chemical properly to spot a leak in the pool.

Expert in high-end & luxury pools, MC Piscine operates a pool leak search for professionals, individuals and condominium managers in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Principality of Monaco.

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