Which safety device should I choose for my swimming pool?

When the good weather arrives, it is always pleasant to take advantage of the swimming pool to have fun, play with the children and relax, but be careful not to neglect safety!

Even if your swimming pool is synonymous with relaxation and good times, the risks that the swimming pool represents for your children and yourself should not be avoided.

When it comes to swimming pool safety, young children are undoubtedly the most concerned. The risks of accidental drowning in the pools are also significant for children who are curious to discover, explore and play in this attractive aquatic environment without being aware of the danger they run.

A child can drown in 20 cm of water without struggling and without noise.

This unfortunately overwhelming reality is confirmed by observing the number of drownings recorded in France in swimming pools. Between June and September 2018, there were no less than 307 drownings (including 41 deaths) in private swimming pools and 186 drownings (including 9 deaths ) in a public swimming pool.

In view of these high risks of accidents, the law provides and therefore obliges all owners of private and collective swimming pools to equip their pool with an approved safety system.

The objective of this equipment: to prevent any risk of accident, including drowning (child, animals, etc.) through the use of reliable and secure systems.

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What are the laws and regulations for securing a swimming pool in France?

Installing a security system for your swimming pool is mandatory. French law provides through the construction and housing code for the implementation of a standardized safety system for inground and semi-inground swimming pools.

Your private in-ground swimming pool for individual or public use must therefore be equipped with at least one of the four standardized safety devices aimed at preventing the risk of drowning.

The chosen security system must also meet the standards governed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for fully assume their prevention and safety role. As a result, the product(s) you wish to install must correspond to a certain number of guarantees in order to protect your pool from all possible risks incurred during an accident.

The 4 standardized pool safety systems all have respective
standards guaranteeing their reliability:

  • Pool alarm systems - standard NF P90-307
  • Pool barriers - NF P90-306 standard
  • Pool covers - NF P90-308 standard
  • Pool enclosures - standard NF P90-309

Each equipment has different and sometimes complementary advantages to allow you to choose the option best suited to your pool (standard pool, overflow pool, mirror pool, etc.). .) as well as your needs. For example, you can install several security systems additionally to enhance the safety of your aquatic area!

1. Pool alarms to prevent accidents

Essential equipment among the security systems for private and collective pools, the swimming pool alarm is one of the systems favored by individuals and owners of collective swimming pools private or public. It must be said that this swimming pool safety equipment also has all the advantages that can be given to a standardized security system for the protection of swimming pools / collective pools.

Discreet visually, economical and easy to install, alarms are particularly appreciated by users who are looking for efficient equipment without compromising the aesthetics of the pool.

We distinguish between two types of alarms that meet the NF P90 307 standard: submerged alarms and perimeter alarms.

Submerged pool alarm or perimeter pool alarm: which to choose?

While submerged alarms are a great success for their simplicity of operation and their foolproof efficiency, it is true that perimeter alarms, on the other hand, have more disadvantages.

Both emit an audible signal when a movement is detected in the water for the submerged alarm and in their perimeter for the perimeter alarm.

Problem for perimeters: beware if wild or domestic animals are in the habit of lapping up the pool water. The alarm will sound systematically as soon as the sensors are broken by the presence of the animal.

Keep in mind, however, that pool alarms are preventive systems. This means that the alarms do not prevent access to the water point and do not replace the vigilance of people around or near the pool. As soon as the pool alarm sounds, it is therefore necessary to intervene immediately to rescue the adult or child in danger.

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Pro tip:
If the alarm is an excellent system for securing a swimming pool,
it is advisable to complete the security with another standardized system.

2. Pool barriers to frame the aquatic area

Modular solutions according to your desires, swimming pool barriers are practical and reliable safety equipment to avoid the risk of accidents.

Security barriers are very useful because they make it possible to enclose the perimeter of the swimming pool in order to prohibit its physical access. This is most certainly the best system for children since the safety barriers prevent the little ones from approaching the pool in order to avoid any danger of drowning or falling.

However, barriers are not always to everyone's taste. Not very discreet and creating a real physical perimeter around the bathing area, this equipment is sometimes considered cumbersome by pool owners, especially individuals .

The models of safety barriers offered on the market today are therefore generally removable to allow removal after the summer season and easier storage in a garage or room away from the UV rays which could damage them.

How to install swimming pool safety barriers?

As with all pool equipment, installation varies by model and situation. However, it is advisable in all cases to have your pool barriers installed by a professional person and/or a company authorized to carry out this type of work.

This allows you to ensure that the equipment is approved and that it is correctly installed around your pool.

For the system to be installed in the best conditions, it is then necessary to carry out some preparatory work such as sealing the posts of the barriers in concrete for example. Of course, this work depends on the situations and the type of barriers chosen to protect the pool.

Intended so that a child under the age of 6 cannot access the pool unaccompanied, the standardized safety barriers are all equipped with a "difficult" opening gate.

For this installation, it is therefore necessary to provide a minimum of space to install the barriers in order to maintain sufficient space so that you can circulate without hindrance around the pool and in your garden or your relaxation area.< /span>

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3. Pool covers to protect the pool and bathers

The sThe standardized solution for swimming pool covers is very advantageous. And for good reason: by opting for the purchase and installation of a cover adapted to your pool, you can take advantage of two essential objectives, namely to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the water all year round!

Allowing you to hide the body of water to prevent access and avoid the risk of falling into the water, swimming pool safety covers are also high-end equipment quality to simplify day-to-day pool maintenance all year round. By protecting the surface of the bathing water, pool covers prevent external elements from dirtying the water. This saves time for cleaning and maintenance work in your pool.

If you have subscribed to a maintenance contract, adding a swimming pool cover will allow you to reduce your intervention needs.

All the covers protect the pool water from bad weather but also limit water evaporation and heat loss when a heat pump is installed in particular. In this sense, shutters are the most aesthetic and chic means of protecting your pool at all levels.

Which pool cover to buy to protect your pool?

When we approach the subject of pond cover, we are actually talking about several categories of cover ranging from several hundred euros to several thousand euros. There are many pool cover solutions that can be adapted to the exact size and shape of your pool.

These features are mandatory requirements to enjoy a safe and protected swimming pool in the best possible way.

Among the covers that can act as a safety system for your pool, there are different types of equipment. The most common are submerged PVC slat covers or out of water and bar covers.

These two types of safety covers for swimming pools provide optimal protection of the pool against accidents and harmful elements of the outdoor environment in high season such as in low season.

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4. Pool enclosures to secure the pool and extend the swimming period

Uncommon in the Alpes-Maritimes and more generally on the Côte d'Azur, shelters are often installed in colder regions to extend the swimming period.

Yet swimming pool enclosures are also part of the list of equipment to secure the swimming pool. Generally coveted in regions where it is useful to be able to extend the bathing period, swimming pool enclosures also play a complete protective role for the bathing area.

Although it is a cumbersome system and completely changes the style of your swimming pool and garden, the pool enclosure is a qualitative piece of equipment in terms of safety and protection of the bathing area. In large spaces, shelters can be advantageous solutions for securing the bathing area.

Why choose a pool enclosure?

Pool enclosures can take on structures with variable appearances depending on the configurations and pools.

Height, shape, materials, type of opening / closing... you can choose the style of pool enclosure you want to shelter and protect your pool in the best way. Although imposing and permanent, the shelters can nevertheless be fully opened to provide an open-air swimming pool area during the beautiful days of summer, for example.

Also, pool enclosures allow you to enjoy the pool even out of season thanks to a protected environment.

Pool enclosures are also very effective against:

  • the risk of human intrusion
  • bad weather
  • external pollution

In any case, although pool enclosures are often more expensive and complex to set up, they are also effective equipment on several levels. Depending on your situation, you can opt for this pool safety solution and guarantee a well-protected swimming area all year round.

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Very important:

A security system will never replace adult supervision when swimming.

Be vigilant: accidents are numerous in France and happen quickly.
Ensure safety in and around your pool.

Find your swimming pool safety equipment with MC Piscine

You will have understood that you have the choice between several equipment to secure your swimming pool.

Whatever system you decide to choose, keep in mind that standardized equipment is complementary. Don't think pool safety equipment is a one-size-fits-all selection! By combining them, you can ensure a more complete overall protection of the pelvis.

You can, for example, set up a pool alarm and add a suitable safety cover for your pool. By combining several swimming pool safety equipment, your pool will be optimally protected and will allow you to intervene as quickly as possible.

Specialist in maintenance, renovation of old pools and coatings (mosaic, polyester, tile ), the sale of swimming pool equipment and the leak search on all types of swimming pool in the Alpes-Maritimes and in Monaco, MC Piscine accompanies you in all your needs for your pools.

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