What are the different lighting systems for your swimming pool?

Light up your pool!

The swimming pool is a place of well-being and relaxation that must be both aesthetic and practical. Because hot nights often make you want to swim, it is important to opt for suitable lighting that will enhance your pool while ensuring the safety of bathers.

And for good reason: if pool lighting has a real functional interest, it also gives a significant decorative aspect to the pool.

So which pool lighting should you choose? This is the question that many pool owners ask themselves. Indeed, with the many lighting options available in stores specializing in the field of swimming pools, it is often difficult to differentiate between the lights available to know what to choose.

However, it is very important to make the right choice of luminaire because it is important to avoid any risk of unsuitable installation, both in terms of your pool equipment and safety.

To help you know which lighting to choose, here is a guide to the different possibilities available to you. Specialist in high-end swimming pools in Monaco and in the surrounding towns in the Alpes-Maritimes (06), MC Piscine tells you everything you need to know to highlight your pool.

Underwater lighting or outdoor lighting: what to choose for your swimming pool?

In the world of swimming pools, there are two main pool lighting groups:

  • The first type of lighting is submerged lighting, i.e. lighting directly located inside the pool in the water.
  • The second is above-water lighting. It concerns the lighting located around the swimming pool or under the copings.

Depending on your pond and your wishes, you have the option for one, the other or both types of lighting. Underwater lighting is often particularly appreciated because it is an integral part of the swimming pool. As such, it brings a real cachet to your aquatic space. Outdoor or above-water lighting is also appreciated to illuminate the pool but also the surroundings. It's a good solution if you want to illuminate your pool and your swimming pool deck, for example.

In general, owners opt for different types of independent lighting in order to modulate the light produced around the pond.

Depending on the configuration of your exterior and the possibilities of your swimming pool, you can therefore adapt the lighting to be able to swim during the hot summer nights.

At MC Piscines, our specialists will help you find the most adequate aquatic light.

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What are the possible solutions for lighting up your pool?

Just as you have a free choice to make between above-water lighting or submerged lighting in your pool, there are many and varied technical lighting solutions.

With the growing demand for outdoor lighting from pool owners, manufacturers are indeed competing in inventiveness to offer ever more innovative lights that are better suited to each situation. And for good reason: as explained above, pool lights are not only practical but also aesthetic. This is why today there are multiple lighting possibilities to meet all expectations.

LED, halogen or even solar lighting technology, discover the many lighting options available and choose from among these solutions to illuminate your pool in all elegance and efficiency.

Possibility n°1: spotlights for swimming pools with halogen bulbs

Projectors with halogen spotlights are among the oldest lighting installed in pools.

This type of lighting is still very common in swimming pools given its efficiency and the price of the halogen bulb, which is inexpensive to buy. It must be said that with a displayed power of 300 watts, pool projectors with halogen bulbs are very powerful. This type of lighting solution therefore allows you to opt for optimal brightness in your pool.

Only downside: the energy consumed by the halogen bulbs.

Indeed, unlike new lighting, pool spotlights with halogen bulbs are generally energy-intensive and can significantly increase the electricity bill. This is why more and more individuals are now wondering about swapping their old halogen lighting for LED lighting, which is more expensive to buy but more economical in current consumption.

In summary, halogen pool floodlights are perfect for classic, spot lighting.

If you regularly light your pool for long periods of time, it is advisable to choose another lighting mode. In the same way, if you want to obtain a variety of lighting colors, bet on other technologies because halogen lighting is exclusively available in warm or cold white only.

Note however that halogen lighting is becoming increasingly rare in new pools and more generally in all pools. In the Alpes-Maritimes department and in Monaco, for example, halogen pool bulbs are increasingly replaced by more eco-responsible and modern LED bulbs.

Possibility n°2: Pool spotlight with LED bulb

While LED bulbs have been very successful for several years in the home to light up our homes at low cost, they are also enjoying undeniable success in the world of swimming pools!

In fact, the LED system delights every year a majority of swimming pool owners looking for a swimming pool lighting system that is both economical and which makes it possible to offer an almost limitless diversity of colors to the pool. once night falls.

Although more expensive to buy than halogen bulbs, LED spotlights are the result of a technology with considerable advantages. LED lights in particular provide high light intensity and also consume about 10 times less energy for an average lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Exceptional qualities that make LED spotlights an excellent choice for illuminating an aquatic area.

In addition, thanks to LED lighting, you can choose to illuminate your pool with several static colors or punctuate your lighting by rotating the colors of the spotlights using a remote control provided for this purpose.

In short, choosing LED means opting for personalized pool lighting capable of changing according to your desires.

Possibility n°3: LED strip, trendy lighting

Still not widely used in the swimming pool sector, the LED strip is a lighting system that is on the rise!

Different from LED spotlights which are recessed into a floodlight niche within the pool, the LED strip installs just above the waterline of the pool.

In concrete terms, the LED ribbon is a luminous ribbon containing a multitude of LEDs, of one or more colors, which is fixed around the edge of the swimming pool out of the water. This special placement makes it possible to create a more discreet but also more contemporary lighting effect, especially for high-end swimming pools.

Controlled by a remote control, the LED strip can then change color, offer several light intensities and rhythmic lighting according to your wishes. For example, you can choose to set your lighting to rapid color change, flashing light, flickering and other lighting options depending on what you want for your pond.

This type of LED pool lighting is rarer but also more aesthetic!

Given the growing demand despite the higher price of LED tape at the start, swimming pool contractors are increasingly interested in this mode of lighting. However, to date, very few pool professionals sell and install this type of lighting. If you want this type of lighting, be sure to contact expert swimming pool specialists, in particular experts in luxury swimming pool equipment.

MC Piscine advises and supports you in your need for luxurious pool lighting.

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Possibility n°4: Solar pool lights

Solar lights are the leading ecological and economical solutions for illuminating your pool area.

In reality, these solar lights are more often reserved for decoration than for a functional aspect of lighting the pool or an area near the pool. Indeed, despite solar charging, solar lights often have a low light intensity which does not sufficiently illuminate an entire swimming pool or a swimming pool deck.

When we talk about solaites luminaires for swimming pools, we are therefore generally talking about spots or floating lamps in the water simply allowing you to give a luminous atmosphere to the outdoor space.

In terms of operation, the principle of solar lights is simple: the lamps are charged during the day thanks to solar energy captured by small solar panels. Once night falls, the solar lights are then automatically activated using the solar energy stored during the day.

The main advantage of this system lies in the fact that it is completely autonomous.

This means that there is no need for any electrical connection to operate the light. This can therefore provide a real aesthetic advantage without wires or connections that can be unsightly.

In addition, solar lights for swimming pools are nowadays marketed in all colors, with a huge choice of shapes for often very reasonable budgets. It can therefore be a good idea to create a discreet lighting atmosphere in your pool.

Possibility n°5: fiber optic swimming pool

More expensive but more profitable in the long term, fiber optic swimming pool lighting is not to be overlooked!

Considered to be top-of-the-range pool lighting, fiber optic pool lighting is based on the same principle as LED tape. Indeed, with this special lighting system, there is no light supply in the swimming pool: the lighting of the optical fiber is concentrated only on the swimming pool deck.

No electrical component is present in the swimming pool since the swimming pool optical fiber is actually a very fine wire generally made of translucent plastic which has the property of conducting light from point A to a point B. Like the optical fiber used to connect the routers to the internet, the optical fiber for swimming pools is based on this same innovative principle of fine transmission to illuminate a pool.

Thanks to this lighting system with an unlimited lifespan, you can imagine your own tailor-made swimming pool lighting.

Lay out the optical fiber around your pool, your pool stairs or on your pool deck: with this luxurious lighting system, you can make your aquatic area a remarkable place and essential for your exterior. An ideal solution if you want to enhance your swimming pool with modern and very aesthetic lighting.

Find your ideal pool lighting in Monaco and around with MC Piscine

You will have understood that the options for illuminating your pool are diverse and varied.

Depending on your configuration and your aesthetic expectations, it is important to be accompanied by a professional who will be able to present you with the best options available to you. Based in Monaco, MC Piscine Service offers the help of its specialists to inform you and assist you in choosing and installing your lights.

Want more advice on how to develop your pool with taste and unique personalization? Do you have questions about the standards and regulations in force for the lighting of your swimming pool and its surroundings? Do you want to renovate or change an old pool light?

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