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The heat pump is the ideal equipment to heat the water in your pool. This equipment allows you to extend the period of use of your pool in the off-season before and after after the summer and increase your swimming comfort. Designed for both and indoor pools, heat pumps can be adapted to all types of environments. all types of environments.

As the most widely used heating system, the heat pump (heat pump) is economical, efficient and very effective to control the temperature according to your desires. Its operating principle is based on a simple technology: it assimilates the calories naturally present in the air and naturally present in the air and releases them into the water through an air-water through an air-water heat exchange.

Official partner of the biggest brands, MC Piscine offers a range of heat pumps among the most efficient on the market.

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Discover our ranges exclusively dedicated to exceptional swimming pools with sought-after designs.

Equipped with the latest technology, your heat pump will be able to be controlled remotely to fully enjoy your pool as soon as you arrive.

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How to choose a heat pump for swimming pools?

The heat pump is tailor-made equipment for your swimming pool.

Contrary to what one might think, a swimming pool heat pump must be chosen according to the different parameters of the pool: it is not universal. To choose the right swimming pool heat pump, several parameters should be observed:

The size of the pelvis

Depending on the size of the pool, the heat pump must be adapted to heat the water in the swimming pool efficiently. A pump that is poorly suited to the volume of water in the pool will not heat the pool as desired.

The power of the CAP

In relation to the size of the pool, the power of the pool heat pump will have to be adapted. The heat pumps take into account the maximum volume of water to be heated to be sufficiently powerful. In the South of France on the Côte d'Azur or in Monaco, the mild temperate climate makes it possible to install an efficient heat pump without having to force the heating system.

The coefficient of performance (COP)

This special index measures the efficiency of a heat pump. If the coefficient of performance is high, the heat pump will function optimally to heat the water in the swimming pool. Specialist in pool equipment, MC Piscine will provide you with the COP of your heat pump.


The desired bathing period

Depending on the bathing season targeted by the use of the heat pump, your choice will have to be adapted. If you want to do laps in warm water in autumn / winter for example, the heat pump will need to be able to function properly in low temperatures.

The pool piping

Before installing a swimming pool heat pump, it is necessary to check that the piping of the pool is suitable. Depending on the compatibility between the equipment, the heat pump can be installed on your swimming pool with or without an adapter.

A swimming pool heat pump must therefore adapt to both the volume of water in the pool, the desired temperature and your frequency of use.

MC Piscine carries out a personalized study for the installation of a heat pump

For our private and professional customers, we provide advice and intervene to set up a suitable high quality swimming pool heat pump. For each request, we carry out a personalized study of the swimming pool in order to plan the installation of the future adapted heat pump.

This study will lead to a tailor-made estimate including the installation and supply of the equipment to achieve the expected result.

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Which heat pump to choose for your swimming pool?

Each heat pump is available in several versions and models. To help you find and install the right swimming pool heat pump, MC Piscine accompanies you.

Finding the right heat pump is essential so that your pool water heats up in 3/4 days maximum and maintains the temperature optimally. We are at your disposal to explain and assist you in order to avoid any errors in the purchase and installation of your device.

The advantages of MC Piscine heat pumps

  • Vertical, horizontal ventilation at the back or front
  • Reversible heat pump
  • Automatic defrost by cycle inversion
  • Indicative LED technology
  • Salt treatment compatibility
  • Integrated wifi point for remote control
  • Quiet and patented operating system
  • Low power consumption
  • New design

We guarantee the reliability of our selected heat pumps:

3 year warranty for PAC equipment

7 year warranty for the compressor

15 year warranty for the anti-corrosion coil

MC Piscine moves for free to
carry out a heat balance on request

How to conserve the heat of bathing water?

Having heated bathing water is good, keeping it is better.

Equipment and accessories are strongly recommended to maintain heat in the water. The water temperature rises slowly and continuously with a heat pump. However, the heat accumulated in bathing water may tend to disperse and evaporate depending on the outside environment.

This is why MC Piscines strongly recommends the installation of a swimming pool cover to avoid the evaporation of the 'water during the day and heat loss during the night .

The cover will have the advantage of keeping the calories in the water and avoiding overconsumption of your heat pump and prolonged operation.

MC Piscines offers all types of cover ranging from PVC slat roller shutters (submerged or above ground) to simple bubble cover cut to the size of your pool. Do you prefer an electrically controlled or manually controlled installation? Would you like a hard or soft cover? We will help you and show you the projects available to you.

For more information or additional information, please contact MC Piscines, our advisers are at your disposal.

An advisor will come to your home on request to establish a free estimate
We take pool dimensions on site

MC Piscines at your service for your pool

MC Piscines à Monaco near Saint Jean Cap Ferrat offers you a quality service of high standing for your swimming pool. We offer our clients tailor-made offers for the renovation and the pool maintenance private and / or collective./ p>

With our experience and our know-how in the field, we are able to meet all your desires to make your pool a place of absolute serenity.

Do you need special pool equipment, need help on your pool or need to make a simple request? MC Piscine à Monaco works on the Monegasque rock as well as in the Alpes-Maritimes in Nice, Menton, Antibes and Mougins to help private owners and professional to manage their pool all year round.

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