Pool filtration

Your filtration system plays a vital role in the quality of your pool water.

The filtration system represents in a way the lung of the pool. It must therefore be carefully thought out so that it is specially adapted to the volume of water in the pool. In today's installations, sand filters are the most common filtration systems used in traditional in-ground & semi-in-ground pools. These filters offer an optimum result while being easy to use for all owners.

Whatever filtration system is chosen, it must systematically be adapted to the parameters of the pool.

MC Piscine, specialist in top-of-the-range pools and equipment tells you everything you need to know about filtration systems and helps you find and then set up the filtration system best suited to your collective pool or your private pool.

What is the purpose of pool filtration?

In the same way as treatment products, pool filtration is an essential element for obtaining quality swimming water.

Pool filtration is just as important as water treatment. Moreover, one does not go without the other!

The aim of filtration combined with water treatment is for you to enjoy clean water at all times so that your swimming moments are always as enjoyable as possible. When we talk about filtration, this encompasses a large number of elements to get the water to the pool filter and back into the pool.

This operating principle removes impurities from the water in order to store them in the filter tank and thus sanitise the water.

Choosing a suitable filtration system therefore eliminates a whole host of worries on a daily basis, particularly in terms of keeping your pond clean as part of regular maintenance. The filtration parameter must therefore be taken into account to obtain clear and healthy water in the long term.

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How a pool filtration system is composed

The filtration system is composed of several pieces of equipment. To ensure the proper functioning of the pool filtration system, several distinct elements must work together. It is by combining each individual piece of equipment that filtration is possible and the swimming water is filtered effectively.

A filtration system is therefore broken down into 6 key elements in all pools.


1. Skimmers

The skimmers are part of the pool's sealed parts. They are installed when the pool is built or during renovation in the case of an old pool. The role of skimmers is to allow scrubbing the surface of the water and recovering the largest waste floating on the surface. Once the waste is recovered, it is stored in the baskets provided. During routine pool maintenance, the baskets are then emptied by the maintenance worker.

Overflow or mirror pools do not have skimmers.
In this case, the overflow allows the water to flow into a spout, then into a buffer tank and then into the filtration system, which always collects the waste.

2. The bottom drain

The bottom drain is also one of the parts of a pool to be sealed. It creates a suction area at the lower level of the pool, i.e. at the bottom of the water. The bottom drain plays a very important role for filtration because it is through it that the water passes before starting its filtration cycle.

3. The filtration pump

The filtration pump is used to suck the water from the pool in order to send it to the filter so that it is cleaned of all the impurities accumulated over the days. Once the treatment by the filtration pump is done, the clean swimming water is pumped back into the pool thanks to the power the pump exerts on the hydraulic flow.

4. The pool filter

The pool filter allows stopping impurities from the water and storing them in a tank. These retained impurities allow you to have clear and limpid water. The swimming pool filter therefore allows you to ensure unequalled swimming comfort in clean water. The filter must be cleaned regularly using the multi-way valve to maintain its cleaning power.

5. The multi-way valve swimming pool

The multi-way valve allows you to manage the different actions necessary for the proper functioning of the filtration system. Filtering, circulation, washing, rinsing, draining and closed position: the multiway valve ensures the success of the other equipment in their objectives. It allows you to manage the circulation of water generally according to your intentions. The filter is particularly dependent on the multi-way valve for its optimal operation.

6. The discharge nozzles

The discharge nozzles are also part of the pool's sealable parts like the bottom drain and skimmers for example. The pool nozzles allowthe water to be returned to the pool after passing through the filtration circuit. The water can thus be guided into the pool according to the orientation you have determined on the nozzles in order to stir the water with clean and pure filtered water.


Sand or glass filter for your pool: versatile and durable filtration

Many homeowners wonder what to put in the pool filter. The filter mass is important for the water to be well filtered and for impurities to be removed.

The sand filter is the most common system in pools. Consisting of a tank filled with filter material (sand or glass), the sand filter allows the pool water to be filtered in circulation. This type of filter offers excellent quality in terms of filtration fineness and price.

Can be fitted to any pool, sand filters also have the advantage of being able to filter large quantities of water. They are therefore ideally suited to large and medium-sized pools including large communal pools or private pools.

Depending on the need, you can choose a sand or glass filter mass to make the filtration as suitable as possible. In this context, the support of a pool specialist is essential to choose the appropriate filter media.

Sand or glass: which to choose for your pool filter?

Sand and glass have many advantages for pool filtration.

The two elements have very different properties and yet they provide the same filtration work in the filter tank. The particle sizes, qualities and prices of these two filter media vary greatly, however, and many owners find it difficult to know what to choose for their filter.

It has to be said that both glass and sand offer undeniable cleaning performance.

Depending on the results sought, however, it must be admitted that glass beads remain better than sand overall. Indeed, glass, which is slightly more expensive to buy than sand, offers more qualitative filtration results and has the advantage of not clogging over time. It is therefore an element to be taken into account when choosing the filter mass.

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Cartridge filter: efficiency and ease of filtration

The cartridge filter consists of a rigid cylinder in which a filter cartridge made of plant fibres or synthetic materials is housed.

At first glance after tests, the cartridge filter filters bathing water better than sand and glass. However, this type of filter is not suitable for medium and large pools (over 20m3) as it is not suitable for filtering large volumes of water. On the other hand, the cartridge filter is perfectly suited to small pools as well as spas. It only requires the cartridge to be cleaned regularly as part of the routine maintenance of the pool(s).

The cartridge filter is therefore a filtration system that is both highly effective and inexpensive.

Even though the filter cartridge would have to be changed quite frequently to ensure its filtration quality, this solution remains ideal in many configurations especially for private individuals.

In order to choose your cartridge filter properly, MC Piscine accompanies you and determines the most suitable filter for your pool or spa. The type of filter recommended by our professional team will depend on the volume of water in the pool and the flow rate caused by the filtration pump.

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