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MC Piscine offers flexible and rigid covers, tailor-made shutters, summer or winter cover, safety cover with bars for all private or collective swimming pools. Compliant with the safety standards established by the designation "NF", all the products selected and offered display maximum protection for your family and those around you .

Equipping your pool with a quality cover means choosing to secure your pool and protect it from debris emanating from the outside environment.

This can be useful if your pool is continually confronted with external debris (leaves, sand ...) or even essential if you have young children or even compulsory, in particular to put in safety your bathing area. Depending on your needs and the configuration of your pool, not all covers are used in the same way. While some can be used all year round, other covers are only used during winter or swimming season.

Whatever your need to cover your pool, it is therefore important to select the most suitable equipment for your pool . To support you in the choice of your equipment, MC Piscine offers automated, secure and aesthetic solutions to cover your swimming pool.

And because home automation is more and more present, take advantage of connected solutions to ensure remote and easy management of your pool cover!

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Inground pool cover: which solutions to cover your pool?

If you own a swimming pool you have probably already asked yourself questions about which pool cover to choose.

Before proceeding with the purchase of a pool cover, it is important to define the objectives of the equipment: Does this cover allow the pool to be protected from the outside environment? Does this pool cover keep the water warm? Does this cover protect access to the pool to prevent the risk of drowning?

By asking yourself the right questions, you can clearly and optimally determine the choice of your private or collective pool cover. Whatever your objectives are, there is bound to be a cover solution to suit your needs. It must be said that there are many options for protecting and securing your pool.

Among those available on the market, MC Piscine has selected for you several types of pool covers to meet a maximum of expectations


The pool bubble cover

Reserved especially for the summer period, the bubble cover allows you to keep the heat of the water accumulated during the day during the night while protecting the swimming water from dirt. The result: bathing water is always pleasant.

Posed in contact with the water, this special cover insulates the water with its bubbles while allowing the sun's rays to pass into the pool. The properties of this cover therefore offer isothermal protection that greatly limits water evaporation and heat loss.

Very simple to use, the bubble cover is an easy-to-install piece of equipment, particularly via a reel (manual or electric). The latter allows the tarpaulin to be progressively unrolled so that it lays on the surface of the water.

Laser-cut in the factory, this cover also has the ability to adapt to all types and shapes of pools to offer an adaptable solution for all free-form or classic pools.

Important to know:

Bubble covers are not designed to secure the pool.

This thermal and protective cover solution does not protect your children in the event of a fall into the pool.
The risk of drowning is therefore well and truly present with this equipment and it is mandatory to complete it with a safety barrier.

The winter cover

As the name suggests, the winter cover is intended to cover the pool when you are no longer using it during the winter months. This cover therefore simply keeps the pool water clean throughout the winter period until it is put back into use when the warmer weather arrives.

Whatever the treatment used to winterise your pool (active or passive), this special winter-dedicated cover does not alter the quality of the water and instead ensures maximum sanitary preservation of the pool water.

While this solution is mainly dedicated to pool wintering, some pool wintering covers also have the benefit of securing the pool area as best they can. Very heavy and solidly attached to the coping, this cover makes the pool safe by greatly limiting the risk of falling and drowning. The only disadvantage of this equipment is its handling. This heavy cover designed to winterize the pool is not easy to put in place, especially if you are alone.

Request an intervention to winterize your pool: the MC Piscine professionals are at your disposal.


The bar cover

Ideal for equipping the pool effectively during the four seasons, the bar cover serves several purposes.

Firstly, this cover protects the water from the outside environment and potential debris that can settle in the water. It is a valuable aid toavoid having to clean the water too often and to avoid having to turn on the pool cleaning robots too often outside of the swimming season.

On the other hand, this pool cover also provides optimal safety to prevent the risk of falling and drowning in the pool.

Finally, like the bubble cover, the pool bar cover also prevents water evaporation and retains heat during cool summer nights.

This solution is therefore complete and meets the expectations of many private owners, communities and luxury condominiums. Consisting of a PVC canvas cover and strong, environmentally resistant aluminium bars, the bar cover is available at excellent value for money to cover pools of all sizes.

For added comfort and ease, we recommend motorising the opening and closing of your pool bar cover. Call a pool specialist to find the right pool cover motorisation solution for your needs.

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Why choose an automatic pool roller shutter?

In the pool cover business, roller shutters and curtains are pulling their weight.

High-end alternatives to tarpaulins and covers, PVC slatted shutters or curtains are the best thing going in terms of pool covers. More aesthetic solutions, more effective for pool safety and easier to use, this equipment is often preferred by owners of luxury pools.

Their many qualities in terms of strength, design and performance make automatic roller shutters almost unavoidable equipment when looking for a suitable pool cover.

There are two choices when it comes to choosing a suitable roller shutter for your pool.

  • Submerged roller shutter

    In the case of a submerged pool roller shutter, the shutter shaft is fixed in the pool. The shaft is completely immersed in the pool so that it is as discreet as possible and the roller shutter runs flush with the water in the pool. renovating the pool.

  • Overground roller shutter

    In an aboveground installation, the shaft of your shutter is then fixed to the pool's coping. The roller shutter is therefore installed at the end of the pool so that it can then be rolled out over the entire surface of the pool. Once rolled up, the cover is visible at the end of the pool on the shaft.

Whichever option you choose to cover your pool, be aware that the shutters have automatic motorisation options to offer you unrivalled convenience.

Generally operated by a key lock or remote control provided for this purpose, you simply select open and close to operate the motor and roll up / down your pool cover.

Ensure your mandatory pool safety with a cover

In France, when you own a swimming pool, it is mandatory to secure the pool.

Whatever pool safety device you choose (alarm, cover, safety barriers...), the equipment must comply with the NF P90-308 standard. This standard attests to the quality and conformity of the equipment for securing the pool. In the case of a pool cover, the equipment must be able to absorb a minimum weight of 100 Kilos in the event of a fall without risk of accident to benefit from the mandatory standard.

If you choose the cover option to secure your pool, it is important to make a precise choice of the equipment chosen to legally secure your swimming area. To help you in this choice, do not hesitate to call on a professional to help you in the selection of your pool cover.

For more information about the security of your pool, contact the MC Piscine company: we travel to Monaco, Menton, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Villefranche, Cap d'Ail...

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