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Find an autonomous pool robot to clean your pool

Opt for a pool cleaning robot to free yourself from the burden of maintaining your pool.

Whether you have an in-ground or semi in-ground pool, cleaning your pool is an essential action to perform in order to keep your water clean and pleasant for swimming.

Overall pool maintenance is a key point to consider from the time the pool is built whether it is a private pool or a community pool. To avoid a risk of bacterial proliferation and exponential algae development, it is therefore essential to operate a 360° pool maintenance regularly.

Lack of disinfectant in the water, too high a pH, dirty water filled with debris and impurities can cause many problems in your pool.

This is why it is very important to clean your pond both chemically and physically. However, as the owner of a private or community pool, you probably don't have the time to take care of the maintenance of your pool. It has to be said that pool cleaning is time consuming and tedious... what if you opted for an independent cleaning system?


Expert in high-end luxury swimming pools in the Alpes-Maritimes, MC Piscine offers you a wide choice of products and pool equipment allowing you to delegate cleaning tasks.

Our pool specialists have selected for you a range of electric, hydraulic and pulsating pool cleaners capable of cleaning your pool all year round.

Find out everything you need to know about pool robots to find your ideal pool cleaning equipment.

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Why buy a pool cleaner to clean your pool?

The cleaning robot has become a must in the maintenance process of many pools.

This equipment allows you to fully enjoy your pool without the effort of manual cleaning. Very easy to use, the pool robot will take care of ensuring good hygiene in the pool so that you can bathe in complete peace of mind. This pool equipment has many significant advantages for your daily life: depending on the model and range of robots you choose, it will be capable of cleaning the bottom of the pool, the walls and sometimes even the water line.

Fast, efficient and autonomous, cleaning robots are formidable in their efficiency to clean and eliminate impurities in all pools!

Pool robots all have one and the same objective: to clean the pool.

Although pool robots are not always suitable for all types of pools, they are often favoured for large pools to operate a cleaning without constraint or manual action. Some of them are more or less autonomous in their operating principles. The cleaning frequency can also be longer or shorter depending on the cleaning cycles chosen. It all depends on the robot model you choose.

To help you compare the possibilities available to you, discover without delay the different ranges of possible pool robots.

Which pool robot to choose for your pool?

Depending on your budget, the size of the pool or even the coating, you need to choose a suitable pool robot.

Today, pool maintenance is made easier by technology that has created efficient and autonomous pool robots. However, the models differ from each other depending on the suction power required and the configuration of the pool. Therefore, depending on your case, you should buy the pool cleaning robot capable of making your water cleaner.

The electric robot: an autonomous and intelligent solution

The electric robot is completely autumn when you drop it into the pool.

It cleans the pool intelligently without the need to guide it as it passes. The electric pool robot optimises each move and ensures the overall maintenance of the pool according to the programming you have selected beforehand.

Once the pool cleaning cycle has been successfully completed, the robot stops by itself in the pool so that you can collect it. All you have to do is empty it of its water, clean the filter cartridge and store it in a dry place away from the sun to preserve it until the next cleaning session.

The advantage of buying an electric pool cleaner lies in the fact that this equipment has its own filtration and waste recovery system. It brushes and scrubs the walls while collecting fine particles and large debris from the water to ensure a spotless result.

The robotic pulveriser: Polaris type

Another type of cleaning solution: the pulveriser robot.

This pool equipment has an operation that allows it to remain in the pool throughout the cleaning process without you having to handle it. This robot operates thanks to the water pressure exerted by the booster which must first be installed in your technical room.

Connected to the brush socket, the robot blower then switches on at the same time as the pool filtration to operate a cleaning of the entire surface of the pool.

Thanks to its high suction capacity, this robot efficiently collects all the debris and stores it in a net provided for this purpose. Its equipment allows it to move randomly around the pool so that no area is forgotten. The Polaris robot brushes the pool lining even in the most inaccessible places so as to stir up particles and dirt to loosen them and then vacuum them up.

The hydraulic cleaner: ideal for small pools

Perfect for regularly cleaning small pools, the hydraulic robot is the least expensive pool robot available on the market.

Providing a very satisfactory cleaning result, this robot is a performing equipment despite its lower price. As with the pulveriser robot, the hydraulic robot connects to the brush socket to suck up the waste accumulated in the water.

We recommend using it for small in-ground, semi-in-ground, above-ground and/or tubular pools.

Implementing random suction in the pool from the filtration system, this type of pool robot is an acceptable option for regular maintenance of your small pool during the peak season. Please note, however, that hydraulic robots are designed to carry out partial cleaning of the pool and mainly of the pool bottom. This is why this type of robot is more suitable for small pools that need a little maintenance of the bottom.

Tip from your expert pool designer:

If you don't have a brush socket, we recommend connecting your robot to one of your skimmers. The suction force remains the same and is just as effective at cleaning your pond.

Buying a pool cleaner for collective use: what to choose?

The requirement for cleaning swimming pools for collective use is at its peak.

Even more so than for private pools, swimming pools that are open to the public in a luxury hotel, in a luxury condominium or even in a community must be clean at all times. If the classic cleaning robots mentioned above are aimed at a public of private individuals, there is now also a range of autonomous pool cleaning robots intended for owners of collective pools.

The robotic pool cleaners designed for large-scale use are adapted, thanks to their robustness, to the constraints of pools that are heavily used throughout the year as well as in high season.

Ranging from small baths to pools of over 60 metres, the robots offered by our MC Piscine specialists are designed to facilitate and simplify the work of the person in charge of the pool and free him from the constraints of maintenance while ensuring an incomparable quality of cleaning in the water.

Make the cleaning of your communal pool autonomous with equipment that is 100% suitable for intensive use.

Expert pool specialists based in the Alpes-Maritimes near Monaco, we offer specialised assistance for the purchase of your pool robot intended for professional use.

Vwould you like a professional to service the pool?

MC Piscine offers annual maintenance contracts for your pool.
We maintain your pool all year round in accordance with current hygiene standards.

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